Buy Smart

In 3 shorts paragraphs will introduce you the Buy Smart (or Smart Buy) navigation of our e-shop:

1. Product types
We don't like long drop-down menus, sub categories, sub-sub categories etc., so for this reason we kept 5 main categories as SAMM Collections (Men's, Women's, Kids', Accessories & Gadgets) plus 1 for all (Catalog).
In every category, we add the "product type" filter which separate the types & styles of the products in the specific category.

2. Search
Our search is a powerful tool which can find immediately whatever product you want. You can search between product names, product descriptions, colors, supported models (in mobiles for example) either on hidden product tags we add to categorize every product.

3. Search for local products
In search you can find the local products or close enough products in your country.
Our collaborated providers can be from USA, UK, Germany, China, Czech, Poland, Latvia, Canada and from Greece (HQs).
So, in search, if you write -for example- the word Germany, you'll see all the available products which producing & shipping from Germany.

That's all!