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Deadpool | Premium Beach Towel

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Length, cm 76.20
Height, cm 152.40

This personalized beach towel comes to enrich both your daily bathing rituals and your sunny days by the coast. The front side, where the Deadpool goes on with vivid details, is made with a luxuriously soft polyester mink. The backside is exceptionally silky and absorbent cotton. Do we hear animal print beach towel? Why not, add your designs on this 30”x 60” towel and make it unique.

.: Printable front side made with 100% polyester mink and backside made 100% with absorbent cotton
.: Soft material
.: One-sided print
.: One size (30" × 60") (76.2cm × 152.4cm)
.: 360 GSM fabric
.: Full red print on one side with Deadpool portrait

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